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Pine Wood Shavings Animal Bedding
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20-50% savings compared to traditional shavings

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Economical pine shavings animal bedding for the discriminating horse owner

These larger 9.5 cubic foot bags offer a more economically way to buy pine shavings compared to other smaller bales sold by other distributors. The shavings are between 10% and16% moisture.which is ideal for bedding.

Our shavings are unlike any other packaged shavings you may have used, the quality is exceptional and shavings size/thickness is consistently ideal thanks to the advanced equipment we use to produce them. Animal bedding is our primary product and we have developed our specialized equipment specifically for that market. Other brands use industrial or mill waste that can contain a lot of dust and fines detrimental to livestock along with other contaminants.

Absorbancy is top notch because our shavings are thinner than mill waste. Our shavings thickness or thiness in our case is ideal because we make the shavings exactly as we require, rather than whatever we get from the lumber mill. This is very important, we are not just reselling you waste material and calling it animal bedding, we have engineered it to be just right for the application.

Dust and unwanted fines are removed at the plant before the shavings go for final packaging . This is an important step as horses are sensitive to dust.

Bulk shavings are often very low grade, can be wet or contaminated with dirt and other unwanted materials. Often the shavings size is not ideal or contains to much fines ..remember bulk "bedding" is often just waste sawdust that can be used as bedding, it was never actually made for that purpose. Supply can be erratic depending on how busy the mills are, sometimes it's impossible to obtain bulk shavings.

Other ways to compare value

Why lighter is better! 
When comparing bedding products, weight and volume are inversely proportional. There are 3.5 cubic foot compressed bales which weigh 55 pounds and expand to only 7 cubic feet in fluffed volume, and there are 3.5 cubic foot bales weighing 23 pounds which expand to 10 or more cubic feet in volume.

Expanded volume is the crucial variable because it determines how many bales are needed to bed a stall. The volume-weight disparity is a function of the percentage of fines, the loft and refinement of the flake, and the moisture content. We feel that the ideal bedding has great loft, enough fines for optimum absorption without dust, and less than 15% moisture.

The product in Our BC Premium Shavings bags has been manufactured to the meet the
highest specifications in the industry.

There are two major factors that make pine shavings heavier than the ideal weight of a quality produced bedding product. They are the inclusion of moisture and “fines”.

Some producers that use an industrial bi-product do not effectively screen out their “fines”, adding the illusion of weight to their bag. Higher moisture content also adds weight to a bag. These bags contain a manufactured pine shavings bedding product and does not include any industrial bi-product.

The ideal weight of our compressed 9.5 cu. ft. bag of high quality pine bedding shavings is approximately 20-25 lbs.
These 9.5  cu ft bags weigh approximately 22-26 lbs.

Price and Availability

IN STOCK in Calgary and Sundre Locations

We sell our shavings factory direct for savings. The best value is by the full semi truck load (1100 Plus bales) .

We are competitively priced and often beat most local prices for lower grade mill waste shavings in 8.5 cu ft bags with our premium quality shavings.

The average price for 8.5 cu ft bags of LOW GRADE shavings is around $7.00 each in most stores. Our bags of engineered shavings hold a lot more shavings, contain NO fines and are drier for reduced weight and higher compression volume. This means Our BC premium shavings are a considerably better value and cost less.

Factory Direct Price per Bale - Based on full pallet sales only
Item Description
(GST not included)
9.5 Cubic foot bale                         
         $6.75 each
Maxi  Pallet (43 bags per skid @ 6.75)   $290.25 per skid inquire
Truckload prices available ( 1118 bales)


We do offer single or multiple pallets for pick up or delivery from our Calgary and Sundre Locations.

We will ship anywhere in North America where financially viable.


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Animal Bedding - Livestock Bedding - Poultry Bedding

Ideal for rabbits, poultry, waterfowl, llamas, alpacas and pets.

Also excellent for equine centres and all horse related operations as well as Zoos and Veterinary clinics.



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